Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X: Reviewed

A more refined multi-tool for the same tough jobs

Victorinox Swisstool
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit XC fits perfectly in the Red Clouds Collective Multi-tool Sheath!Staff

I'm like a moth to the flame when it comes to multi-tools and everyday carry (EDC) gear. My girlfriend used to think it was hilarious to call me Inspector Gadget, now she just hums the theme song whenever I whip out a pen stored in the back of my phone case or an allen key from my keychain. I've tried all sorts of these fancy things, and to put it simply, the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X is the best we've seen.

Having used similar tools from other brands, the first thing I noticed on the Victorinox was how smooth all of the actions were. There was no “squeeze point,” like many of the other brands had, where the tool would be hard to open or close at a certain position. When you have a Leatherman open, it’ll sort of lock itself in the open position with friction and take a good amount of force to close; it’s rough and inconsistent. It’s like cutting with a dull knife. The smooth action on the plier on this tool is reliable and much easier to use.

Appearance wise, the Swisstool is sleek and classy. Made entirely of stainless, the polished smooth finish is nice looking and feels good in the hand. The smaller tools in the handle lock with a small spring-loaded release that’s easily actuated with one hand while closing the tool. The handles have a slight contour to them which makes them fit the hand nicely both open and closed.

The Swisstool Spirit X hosts 24 different tools, including wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, saw, file, and much more. I have found myself using this tool for everything from rigging up a gas cap out of an old soda can after mine fell off on the road to cracking open a can of hollandaise so the ladies can make their eggs benedict on a camping trip (I know, they have it rough). The range of uses I have found for this tool is remarkable, and I find myself reaching for it at least ten times a day.

Aside from the range of tools, ease of carry is a huge part of what you keep on your person. Red Clouds Collective's Multi-tool Sheath is a bit of a luxury item at $60 for a sheath, but with the amount of use and abuse it gets, it's worth it. Carrying the four-inch tool vertically on my belt with the provided sheath, it would constantly catch my t-shirt and just be sort of an annoying protuberance. The Red Clouds sheath lets you carry the tool horizontally, keeping it snug up against your belt and making for an easy draw, pulling the tool out forward. The single brass snap is also much nicer to use than the Velcro of the provided pouch, in my opinion.

Swiss Army was the first name I knew in multi-tools as a kid and it’s great to see they’re still at the top of the game. The only time this tool leaves my side is when it’s going into my checked baggage for a flight. Smooth, classy looking, versatile and reliable—the Swisstool Spirit X really is one exceptional piece of gear.

Spirit Swisstool
Swisstool Spirit XCVictorinox


  1. needle-nosed pliers
  2. wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
  3. hard wire cutter
  4. blade, large with wavy edge
  5. Phillips screwdriver- 1/2
  6. reamer, punch
  7. multipurpose hook
  8. can opener
  9. screwdriver- 3mm
  10. bottle opener
  11. wire bender
  12. screwdriver- 6mm
  13. crate opener
  14. scissors
  15. wood saw
  16. metal saw
  17. metal file
  18. screwdriver- 2mm
  19. chisel- 7mm
  20. wire stripper
  21. wire scraper
  22. cable cover longitudinal cutter
  23. cable cover crossways cutter
  24. scraper


Net weight- 8.7 oz


Scale material Stainless Steel
Size 4 in
Blade lockable - Yes
One hand blade- No