Tobacco Motorwear California Riding Shirt Review

More than Just a Denim Overshirt

Motorcycle Riding Gear
We dig the simplistic look and loads of protection you get out of Tobacco's California Riding Shirt.Jordan Mastagni

We've long been fans of quality denim. When I first met David Ackerman, founder of Tobacco Motorwear, he hooked me up with one of the best pairs of riding jeans I've worn to date. I still rock them pretty frequently because the Kevlar-lined selvedge denim construction has broken in perfectly. Then, Dave sent me one of Tobacco's newest offerings, the California Riding Shirt ($299), which is a perfect balance of functionality and style. And a great match for my Tobacco jeans. Now I can sport a moto-friendly Canadian Tuxedo, yay!

Motorcycle riding gear
Simple styling and clean details like the Tobacco badging make it a standout from other overshirts we've seen.Jordan Mastagni

The shell is crafted from premium, American made, 12-ounce canvas, but it actually breathes extremely well to keep me cool when riding in the heat. However, it still keeps me plenty warm on those cooler night rides.

And just like the Tobacco Jeans (shown above) I’ve grown so fond of over the years, the California Riding Shirt also comes equipped with 100-percent Dupont Kevlar lining. But these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill linings. These puppies are made from Tobacco’s own air-flow, interlock knit Kevlar that covers your shoulders, elbows, forearms, and upper back. You know, the places you’d probably need most protected if you go tumbling down the road. Just like the jeans, the California Shirt is made in the USA and is built to last and to be worn. And it’s especially comfortable after a fair amount of wear, almost as if it was made just for you.

Motorcycle riding gear
Made with an interwoven Dupont Kevlar liner, the California Riding Shirt will definitely aid in protecting your epidermis.Jordan Mastagni

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll keep your bits and pieces looking baby smooth, yes, but it’s also pretty darn stylish, to boot. Overall, the California Riding Shirt is a great option as a layer underneath a vest or jacket, or on also great on its own as a light weight bit of protection instead of your flimsy flannel or T-shirt.

Available in Carbon (shown) and Moss Canvas in sizes S-XXL.