Three Push Brooms That Defy Debris In Your Garage

Sweep, sweep, sweep the dirt away.

History doesn’t pinpoint the exact moment someone bundled an armful of straw to a stick, but the modern push broom is available in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices. Starting from the top, the handle—sometimes sold separately from the brush head—is manufactured from either metal, plastic, or wood, and usually threads an inch or so into the head to create a stable platform to displace even stubborn debris around your home or in your workshop.

The business end of a push broom generally varies from 18 to 48 inches in width and employs either natural or synthetic bristles in stiffnesses recommended for specific tasks and surfaces. For the largest brooms, provided or optional supports can reduce twisting that might over time cause the handle to back out of the head. Depending on the type of flooring, a mop or squeegee might be worthwhile additions. And don’t forget a dustpan!

Super Sweep manufactures its products, including the 48-inch Gray Flagged Broom, in the US. The aluminum handle and plate are welded for durability and strength.Amazon
The Magnolia 724 24-inch Horsehair Floor Broom is recommended for smooth, dry floors, such as tile and linoleum, as well as waxed or polished wood.Amazon
According to O-Cedar, the broom head and bristles of the Professional 18-inch Rough-Surface Push Broom are manufactured from 80 percent recycled materials.Amazon