Weird and Wonderful Sturgis 2022 Photo Gallery

15 pictures of the bikes and people that make the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally so amazing.

What’s the rally without your best friend, right? Mike poses with his pet macaw.Savannah Rose

Sturgis never fails to surprise us. Sure, the rally has changed quite a bit in its more than eight decades in existence, but it remains one of the most wild motorcycle parties anywhere in the US. From the Broken Spoke Saloon out to the Buffalo Chip, we hit all of our favorite spots to bring you these 15 pictures of the people and bikes that make Sturgis such a great rally.

Thousands of riders crowded Sturgis, South Dakota, and the neighboring towns for this year’s rally. The roads from Deadwood all the way to the Chip were packed with bikers and bike fans for the two weeks of the event. From live music to custom bike shows, there really is something for everyone out there. We hope you got a chance to experience the rally for yourself, but if not, let our pictures help you share in the experience!

You’ve gotta love a guy who’s not afraid to get on the back of a bike—and a woman who can take the reins.Savannah Rose
A V-twin-powered trike with entirely too many exhaust pipes.Savannah Rose
Diva was back at the Buffalo Chip again this year, in all her bedazzled glory.Savannah Rose
While most people there are trying to drink some beer, these hooligans go and ride their dang bikes through it.Savannah Rose
A lineup of matte black and neon FXLR 114 models at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.Savannah Rose
I’m unsure exactly what we’re looking at here, but anywhere else this scene may have us worried.Savannah Rose
It’s a man! It’s a buffalo! It’s some wild Sturgis attendee!Savannah Rose
It seems like the number of V-8 trikes in attendance at Sturgis has been growing over the years. What do you think of these huge machines?Savannah Rose
We love a happy dog in some Rex Specs!Savannah Rose
This hot pink swingarm chopper is keeping the dream of the ’90s alive at the Buffalo Chip!Savannah Rose
This guy is giving hope to Honda Shadow owners everywhere. Yes, you too can overload your bike while riding with no protection!Savannah Rose
This sweet FXRT definitely falls more on the wonderful than the weird side.Savannah Rose
It’s not a party until someone starts dancing with fire, right?Savannah Rose
I wonder how much weight all those rhinestones add? At least they’ve upgraded their braking system to prepare.Savannah Rose