2019 Cruiser Gear Of The Year

The best motorcycle gear we tested in 2019.

While we wholeheartedly endorse the ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) philosophy, we don’t like to look like spacemen when we walk off of our bikes and into our daily lives. Assembled here is a list of our favorite motorcycle gear that we’ve tested in 2019. It’s not all new to 2019, some of it has been with us for a while and stood the test of time—even better. These are the items that have been through thousands of miles and not only survived, but some have even gotten better with age. So without further adieu—the gear of the year for 2019!

AGV SportModular Helmet

SportModular Helmet
AGV SportModular Helmet ReviewAGV/Dainese

Let’s get one thing straight; there are plusher and more full-featured helmets than the AGV SportModular out there. But for cut-to-the-chase minimalism and feather-light weight, this carbon fiber lid has been my go-to on touring trips in all corners of the planet for much of this past year. The 3-pound, 4-ounce helmet is aerodynamically svelte, slips on easily, doesn’t add to long-distance road fatigue, and features metal locking hardware for the chin bar, a drop-down sun shield, adjustable venting, and quick, toolless shield removal, making it a great travel companion for weeklong jaunts. The SportModular is also DOT and ECE rated, and you even get a Pinlock insert right inside the box.

Spidi Originals WP Jacket

Spidi Originals WP Jacket
Spidi Originals WP Jacket ReviewStaff

This textile jacket is surprisingly versatile while looking like a good, simple chore coat. A quilted vest inside helps with colder weather and snaps in to stay put, but is stylish enough to wear independently of the jacket as well. The “WP” in the name stands for waterproof, as the waxed canvas outer shell will repel rain. Thin and comfortable impact padding is located in the elbows and shoulders, which you can barely notice when the jacket is on but will go a long way in the event of an accident. And last but certainly not least, the jacket just looks great. It’s got the trademark Spidi European fit, nice materials, and well-done details. At $519, you’re looking at leather jacket prices for a textile piece, but after more than two years we can say with confidence that this piece is only getting better with wear, and it has a long way to go.

Dainese Nera72 Jacket

Dainese’s Nera72 Jacket
Dainese’s Nera72 Jacket Is A Black Leather BeautyCourtesy of Dainese

Part of Dainese’s classic Settantadue collection, the Nera72 is an Italian twist on the classic biker jacket, but with much simpler lines than many of the OG examples out there. In fact, I like it better than my old Schott Perfecto (sorry, Joey Ramone)—the cowhide feels great and has seasoned nicely with age but doesn’t sacrifice protection for style, with the midweight leather offering substantial thickness everywhere, not just in impact zones. Dainese calls it an “elegant biker jacket,” which we suppose is one way of saying it just looks friggin’ great without going full-on punk rock. The Nera’s classic vibe is underscored by a simple mandarin collar, a minimum of zippers, and clean lines, but you still get way better-than-basic impact protection thanks to Pro Armor inserts inside. Not cheap, but still one of my favorite jackets, on the bike or off.

Tobacco Riding Jeans

Tobacco Riding Jeans
Tobacco Riding JeansStaff

There are plenty of options for cheaper riding jeans out there, but none that will look even close to as good as Tobacco’s. The California-based company makes great-fitting selvedge jeans, then fits them with thick Kevlar in the knees and seat for abrasion protection. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, and they can save your butt if you’re sliding on it. Priced at $359, they’re among the more expensive riding jeans available, but seeing as a pair of selvedge jeans without the Kevlar can cost you the same price—you’re getting both fashion and function.

Aether Moto Gloves

Aether Moto Gloves
Aether Moto Gloves ReviewMorgan Gales

Our gloves are often determined by the climate we live in and the weather at the time, so my choice for this year is my most versatile unvented leather glove—Aether’s Moto Glove. The Moto glove packs almost all of the function of any other top brand’s riding gloves (except waterproofing), but does so in a classic-looking package in full-grain leather. The leather stained and faded with time, looking better as they broke in and got more supple. For $150, they are priced similarly to other gloves with their level of function but, again, do the same thing while looking way better.

Gasolina El Tigre

Gasolina El Tigre Boots Review

These are some of the best boots I have ever worn. Not just motorcycle boots. The best boots, period. Custom-made to order, and made to measure if you desire, Gasolina is an American father and son duo based out of Mexico producing a small line of shoes and jackets. The El Tigre boot here is available in several types of leather with a hardened toe and heel cup, as well as a shift pad and a cushion for your ankle ball. They’re protective, supportive, stylish, and, at $259, not too expensive considering they’re handmade to order.