Motorcycle Pets Photo Gallery

Cute, funny and strange animal motorcycle companions

Pets bring a unique type of joy into our lives, just like motorcycles do. For many of us, our furry friends are our closest companions and we want to bring them along everywhere we go. It’s not just dogs or cats either—all sorts of unique pets love to come along for the ride. Where it’s riding on the pillion, up front, or in a sidecar, these motorcyclists love riding with their pets!

Motorcycle pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the ways of transporting your pet on a motorcycle!Boston Globe
In Chiang Mai, Thailand, one rider puts food and water trays on the handlebars of their scooter to feed pet parakeets.Bill Ayers
This Australian farmer has his ranch dogs all loaded up! It’s work and not play for these good boys and girls.Marc Dozier
One scooter rider in Malaysia likes to dress up his cat in matching t-shirts.NurPhoto
Can you count the dogs in this photo from Thailand? We see six.Thierry Falise
Gracie is an Australian Cattle Dog that loves going for rides in the Ural sidecar with her companion Justin. Jeff Allen
Back in 1930, rider Triss Sharp would take his pet lion cub along on his motorcycle! Oh, how times have changed.Fox Photos / Stringer
This rider and his dog are ready for the long haul, protected from the wind and elements by the Honda Gold Wing’s tall windshield.Joe Sohm/Visions of America
A pet koala, named Cuthbert, loves riding on his owner Ian’s BSA in this photo from Australia in 1960.Hulton Deutsch
A ’70s TV show called Lancelot Link featured chimpanzees riding highly modified minibikes!Ralph Crane
Sidecar companion, Amy, has doggles and a helmet to keep her safe on the ride.Carlos Osorio
Haki Usta and his dog Kafe have been riding together for years–they even have matching shades!Anadolu Agency