Indian Motorcycle Launches Click.Deliver.Ride Program

Now you can get a new motorcycle delivered right to your doorstep.

Indian now offers home delivery of its motorcycles. It’s almost as easy as ordering a pizza (we think).Indian Motorcycle

One of the worst things about this virus is how hard it’s hit the local greasy spoons we used to frequent. Some have tried to stay afloat by offering home delivery—think DoorDash and Grubhub—and we’ve been happy to support them that way. Another similarly hard-hit business segment? That’d be motorcycle dealerships, and now one manufacturer is taking a page from the restaurant playbook by offering home delivery of new motorcycles. Indian Motorcycle has just announced the launch of its Click.Deliver.Ride program, a new online ordering and home-delivery service that looks to support its dealers and new buyers alike.

No, it won’t be anything like Grubhub (what do you leave as a tip, right?) but the new Click.Deliver.Ride program gives riders the option of purchasing a motorcycle online, from their own couch, and then having it delivered right to their home. Indian has long offered online search and customizing options for its models, but now interested buyers can team up with their local dealer, either online or on the phone, to make that big buy and then arrange to have their dream bike trucked right to their doorstep.

Can you order up a shipping container full of tricked-out Scouts via Indian’s new delivery program? Maybe…Andrew Cherney

Indian says the Click.Deliver.Ride program makes the whole buying process super simple for its customers, but it’s also helping out its network of dealers too, who have seen their foot traffic plummet as a result of the pandemic. Plenty of dealers aren’t just in for the sales either; it’s been our experience that they can also act like hubs for local motorcycle communities so it makes sense to help them get through these tough times.

“Over the last month, we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of life and have had to alter the ways in which we conduct our business,” said Mike Dougherty, Indian Motorcycle president. “Our hope is that Click.Deliver.Ride will help bring peace of mind to both our loyal customers and our network of dealers.”