2018 Indian Chieftain Elite

The blingiest bagger.

2018 Indian Chieftain EliteCRS

There are two goods reasons why the limited-edition Chieftain Elite costs nearly 50 percent more than the basic Chieftain. One is that just 350 examples are being built. And another is the Elite’s maximum array of standard features. Count among them the Black Hills Silver with marble accents paint job, which Indian claims takes 25 hours of handwork to complete. Also included are various premium accoutrements, such as a 200-watt audio system, LED headlights, billet floorboards, custom-style mirrors, wild “contrast-cut wheels,” and leather seats.

Shared with other premium Indians is Ride Command, an electronic nerve center positioned behind the shorty power windshield. Its many layers of functionality include operational data such as real-time tire pressures and fuel range, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity—all controlled by handlebar-mounted toggles and a 7-inch touchscreen. In the world of superbikes, more money often buys weight reductions from the use of exclusive production materials like magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber. But in the Chieftain Elite’s case, the premium MSRP goes into more premium features, bringing the claimed curb weight to 855 pounds.

Likes: The Chieftain Elite is hugely badass and celebratory, all at once.

Dislikes: People will point. People will stare. Be ready.

Verdict: King of the Indian baggers.

2018 Indian Chieftain Elite Specs and Pricing

MSRP $31,499
WET WEIGHT 863 lb.