Spidi Originals WP Jacket Review

Spidi brings their brand of protective gear to the heritage market, and they don't disappoint

Spidi Originals
Spidi Originals WP JacketStaff

Every time I start writing something about a Spidi product, I hesitate, if only for a moment. See, I always try to balance the good things I say about a product with the negative aspects of design and areas for improvement, but Spidi makes my job difficult in a way that most companies never could-- it's really hard to find areas that need work.

Lately, Spidi has ventured into the heritage market. They have always had their own brand of perfectly minimal leathers and gear that weren't overly tech, but still had more modern components- now they're going full-blown heritage. What does that mean? In the case of Spidi Originals, it means they're going back to more of a 1950's workwear style that we've seeing more and more of, but adding motorcycle specific functionality to make a protective and well-thought-out garment.

spidi originals vest
Spidi Originals WP thermal liner vestStaff

There are a couple things that I was instantly impressed with on this piece. First was the fit, it was perfect in the shoulders and sleeve length, roomy but not baggy, and the weight of the fabric was heavy enough to not flap around in the wind when riding. Second was the pads. Now, I am somewhat ashamed to say that I take the pads out of 90% of the jackets I get. They're too bulky and uncomfortable and I just can't stand the way they look and feel while wearing most jackets, but the system in place on the Originals jacket is different. It is lighter, thinner and more flexible. Sure, it may provide a little less padding than the level three CE rated armor, but this is padding that I am actually going to leave in because I barely notice it.

The Waterproofing aspect of this jacket may need to be taken with a grain of salt. Meaning that the outer shell's fabric is waterproof, but the openings at the neck and sleeves are not incredibly effective at keeping water out. This is sort of a tough one, as putting some sort of water blocking layer at the sleeves and collar would undoubtably muck up the vintage look, but add a little functionality. It's a trade off. For a commute of about 30 minutes or less, the jacket was fine in the rain and I stayed dry. Longer than that and I may need to step up to something a bit more technical. On Spidi's site they call it 50% waterproof, which I would say is accurate.

spidi originals
Spidi Originals WP Jacket backStaff

One of the coolest parts of this kit is the quilted vest that comes with it. I have found myself wearing this vest even without the jacket, as it is comfortable and looks great on its own. It attaches to the outer shell with one snap at the collar and one on either side of the breast with small riveted snaps that don't look out of place on their own.

The one thing that does get me: it costs about $520, which is a lot to pay for a non-leather jacket-- it's a lot to pay for a leather jacket, too. You're paying at least a little bit for the style and design, which is rough, but hey-- it does look substantially better than some of the other cheaper waxed canvas options. The materials used are not the options someone chooses when looking to save a few bucks, either. Rather than using some random cheaper fabric, Spidi used Halley Stevensons, a company that's been manufacturing waxed cotton since 1864. Also, let's not discount the inclusion of the thermal vest, which must add a little to the price, but adds a lot in terms of function.

If you're looking for the cheapest option to keep you protected on the road, it's not this jacket. But if you're out for the best looking vintage style out there that still provides modern protection and all-day wearability-- thank those Italians for Spidi Originals.