Spidi Fastback Leather Jacket

Top shelf protection with Italian style

Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket
Spidi's Fast Back Leather Jacket front detailStaff

They say that the devil's in the details, and I agree wholeheartedly. With most pieces of clothing, there are some parts that really stand out, whether it be in design or construction. But then you'll find these rare occasions where you can't find a single area or detail that hasn't been given incredible attention. That's how this jacket and most every other piece I have received from Spidi has been. Masterwork level craftsmanship. Absolute top of the line materials, designed by people that obviously know what riders are looking for.

Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket
Spidi Fast Back Leather JacketStaff

I could smell the leather before I even pulled this jacket out of the bag. The rich brown color harkens back to the seventies and the glory days of motorcycling, while the protective pads and moto-centric details show its modern roots. A large pocket in the back will hold onto your gloves or map while you're stopped and a small pocket on the sleeve can hold our accessories that you may need access to while on the road. A thick thermal layer zips out to keep you comfortable riding in a variety of conditions.

Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket
Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket glove or map pocketStaff

Vertical flex zones on the elbows and back ensure a flexible and comfortable fit while riding. This way, when you bend your elbows or throw your arms forward to grab the bars, these zones will flex, rather than pulling up the length of the sleeve to compensate. In addition to the included elbow and shoulder pads, the Fast Back leather jacket has a sleeve to fit a full back protector. This jacket is also equipped with a snap to attach to your jeans at the bottom of the back side, so if you happen to get off the bike, the jacket will slide with you rather than riding up.

Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket
Spidi Fast Back Leather Jacket sleeve pocket detailStaff

For more info on the Fast Back jacket and other incredible pieces from Spidi, visit their website Spidi.com