Spidi Avant-Garde Winter Glove

comfortable, dry, warm, and protective

There are many components that go into making a perfect glove. For me, the main one is simplicity. I want a glove that will do everything I want it to, without having too many functions or too much junk on it. The Avant-Garde Glove by Spidi is exactly that. Warm without bulk, water resistant, breathable, lightweight and super soft: these gloves have quickly become the standard for our cold weather riding.

With sheep leather on the back and durable goat leather on the palm, this all black glove has a timeless, easy to wear look. There is no velcro, only an adjustable snap for fitment, which I always prefer as I tend to store my gloves in my helmet and the velcro always pulls on the inner shell.

Timeless simplicity is hard to master, especially when function is the most important aspect of the design. Spidi has managed to pull it off perfectly in the last several pieces we have had to test from them. Excellent design and high quality materials, what more can you ask for?

For more information from Spidi, visit their website Spidi.com