South Garage's BMW R75/5 at Wheels and Waves

Giuseppe Gallucci of South Garage shows off his cafe/ bobber Beemer

South Garage is an Italian powerhouse of motorcycle customization. They're bikes are diverse, unique, eclectic, and CLEAN. This BMW R75/5 is all that and more. As Giuseppe describes it, they blend Japanese minimalism with European style and authenticity. The old school springer and leather wraps add a sort of board tracker style to this 70's boxer. Wood accents on the side of the gas tank, the seat and the rear fender further accentuate the vintage, classy vibe. He says the bike is a mixture of cafe and bobber style, but we see some of that old-school American board tracker in there, too. Whatever it is, we love it and hope you do too.

Check out South Garage's incredible website HERE to see more of their custom builds.