Simpson Motorcycle Helmet: Ghost Bandit Review

Modern, updated Simpson motorcycle helmet

Simpson Ghost Bandit Motorcycle Helmet
Simpson Ghost Bandit motorcycle helmet in blackSimpson Race Products

Simpson Race Products has always been known for making badass helmets, and that includes this Simpson motorcycle helmet. Their trademark Bandit look originated in their old car drag racing helmets, but people dug the style and wore them on bikes. The rest is history.

Simpson Ghost Bandit motorcycle helmet
Simpson Ghost Bandit motorcycle helmet in whitestaff

The Street Bandit was a Bandit that was modified specifically for motorcyclists with a little bit of a wider eyehole and the two adjustable vents up above. The Outlaw bandit adds a little bit of aerodynamic features to increase stability, but it wasn't until the Ghost Bandit that Simpson released a fully modern, updated motorcycle helmet.

Designed from the ground up, 100% for motorcyclists, the Ghost Bandit is completely modern, comfortable and convenient without losing that trademark Simpson motorcycle helmet badass style. The lightweight shell has been designed for aerodynamics while riding, incorporating vents to let cool air in through the front and hot air out through the back. Integrated speaker and mic pockets make setting up your Sena Bluetooth or whatever other audio setup a cinch. A flip-down visor makes riding in varying levels of sun and shade easy.

Simpson Ghost Bandit motorcycle helmet
Simpson Ghost Bandit motorcycle helmet whitestaff

This Simpson motorcycle helmet is damn decent for touring, a little bulky and shaky for real high speed, a little bit loud, but MUCH quieter than previous models from Simpson. I set up Sena’s 10r and I can hear my music fine but making phone calls is a little difficult. For the price point, this isn’t the quietest, lightest, or most aerodynamic helmet that you can get. But it IS a Simpson. It’s got that trademark tough guy look that no one else pulls of like they do, and it’s got those modern updates and conveniences now worked in.

Among the most stylish helmets on the market, the Ghost Bandit is updated with more features than you’ll find on any of the other steezy lids like the Bullitt or Gringo. If you’re a rider that was looking at buying a Simpson before, this is a no brainer.

For more information on this and the other awesome helmets from Simpson Race Products, check their website