Google Maps may have revolutionized the world of digital mapping, but as far as devices go, TomTom got there first. The Dutch company launched the first personal navigation gizmo in 2004, beating out Maps by a year and creating a whole new consumer gadget category in the process. The company now cranks out all kinds of traffic, navigation, and mapping products, and even action cameras and sport watches. Europe’s biggest consumer tech company also serves up the mapping software for the Uber app, as well map data for Apple Maps.

Add this to the simple fact that plenty of riders prefer a motorcycle-specific GPS unit to a phone (mainly for the ability to go places that are out of reach of a cell tower, as well as weatherproofing) and it's clear why the new Rider 550 looks like it could be a strong addition to your road-trip toolbox.

The glove-friendly 550 is an evolution of previous TomTom Riders, but there are plenty of slick new features here to make you sit up and take notice. Things like Wi-Fi updating means you can update the device without a computer, which also means the Rider’s included Lifetime Services (like World Maps and Traffic) will always be current when you most need them. And if you’re looking for long-haul adventure, you can plan routes with TomTom’s online route planner MyDrive, or browse the new TomTom Road Trips feature, a curated collection of more than 90 of the world’s best road trips and rides.

TomTom’s New Rider 550 GPS
The Rider 550 features the Road Trips option so you can make that bucket list ride a reality.Courtesy of TomTom

You’ll also get a new quad-core processor for faster loading of data on the 4.3-inch touchscreen and a smoother navigation experience, says TomTom, and riders can connect with their phone’s Siri or Google voice assistants as well (messages can be set to be read aloud via a headset).

The new TomTom RIDER 550 is available right now, for $399.99 ($529.99 CAD).

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