Intelligent Noise Control Helmet unveiled at AIMExpo

Sena INC helmet in white, black gloss and matte blackSENA Bluetooth

Sena’s highly-anticipated INC Helmet solves real-world challenges with high-tech solutions to create the optimal riding environment for the open road. The helmet, which was announced last year has been perfected and is finally ready for it’s debut. It is a streamlined, lightweight helmet, ventilated shell, and an Intelligent Noise Control system to keep you calm, alert and focused, under any condition. Sena’s INC Helmet offers the control of noise-cancelling headphones, while allowing you to hear vital audio cues like sirens, traffic, and your RPMs. The INC module analyzes sound information from an array of networked microphones and adjusts in real time to phase out harmful noise. The helmet also features an Ambient Mode that can easily be switched on with a convenient button on the helmet’s exterior, allowing you to hear clearly without removing your helmet. The built-in

Bluetooth module allows you to make phone calls, listen to your music, or talk to riding companions at the touch of a button. The Intelligent Noise Control system significantly reduces wind noise so you can listen at volumes lower and safer than ever before. The INC helmet will be available early 2017, with a base retail price of $799.

SENA INC helmet
Buttons and functionality on the new INC HelmetSENA Bluetooth

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