Sena 10R Low Profile Bluetooth Communication System

Ultra slim & feather light, the Sena 10R is a winner

The Sena 10R packs a huge punch in a little package. You get everything you could need in a well designed discreet unit. Unlike other models the Sena 10R is almost invisible. With one of the smallest control modules on the market, the 10R fits almost flush with your helmet. The simple 3 button interface is easily navigated even while wearing gloves. The sound quality on the 10R has a great mixture of treble and bass. While using the phone to make calls the other party is clear in the helmet and according to multiple callers, the outgoing is clear enough to where the fact that you are riding a motorcycle is unknown to them.

I primarily use this for music streaming because most of my riding is commuting. The controls for navigating through tracks, pausing, and volume control are a breeze to use. Although I primarily use the 10R for music it does a ton more. The 10R can do;intercom (980 yards), four way intercom, voice prompt, universal intercom, music sharing, fm radio, music streaming, phone calls, and has advanced noise control. A great addition that the 10R comes with is the handlebar remote. This thing spoils you like no other. The controller on the helmet is easy enough to use, but for the times you are feeling lazy and don't want to raise your arm to skip songs or answer a phone call you can just move your thumb over and use the handlebar remote. It is my favorite little gadget. The handlebar remote has a joystick and two buttons, making it a breeze to control as well.

The Sena 10R packs a huge punch in a little package

The battery on the 10R is amazing. I have been using the system for over a month and the handlebar controller has not needed a charge once! They designed it to go into "sleep mode" when you are not using it which keeps the charge lasting a very long time. The overall system battery also lasts an amazingly long time. My commute is 60 miles per day and I am streaming music the entire time. I can go on a single charge for days before needing to plug in.

The Sena 10R works seamlessly with Apple iPhone and it is also compatible with the Android devices. You can download the Sena app from either the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store if you are running an Android Device. The app is very easy to navigate, just as the unit is, and you can control a great amount through it so I would absolutely recommend downloading it. The app is free as well so there is really no reason not to.

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