Riding Gear: The Motorcycle Shoe

7 Pairs Of Protective, Street-Styled Riding Shoes

The classic motorcycle boot still has its place on the road, but riding shoes (and lightweight boots) are the new normal here at Cruiser. The best motorcycle riding shoes aren't just ridiculously good looking, they provide ankle, heel and toe protection while managing that sloppy double knot of yours. (Laces every which way is no bueno.) Relatively thinner, softer soles offer grip and a better feel of the pegs/controls.

Icon 1000 Motorcycle Riding Boot
Some prefer boots, while others reach for more casual footwear. The Truant boot brings both together with a reinforced toe box, a full grain leather chassis and semi covered laces. Available in Johnny Black and Oiled Brown (seen here).Staff
Speed and Strength Motorcycle Riding Shoe
Speed and Strength Black Nine Moto Shoe
Most people would never guess that the Black Nine shoe was designed to be a serious article of riding equipment. The leather upper and anti-slip rubber outsole provide excellent grip and durability. The Under Cover lacing system keeps laces under lock, and the heel and ankle reinforcements provide more-than-adequate foot protection.Staff
TCX X-Groove motorcycle riding shoes
TCX X-Groove Waterproof Shoes
These days, motorcycle-designed footwear really doesn't have to look the part, and the X-Groove shoe from TCX proves that point. The suede leather gives the exterior a vintage inspired, street look but the unseen toe and heel reinforcements makes them serious pieces of armor when on the road.Staff
Fly Racing M16 Motorcycle Riding Shoe
Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoe
Fly's black/grey canvas M16 riding shoe looks right at home walking the streets as it does riding them. Your tootsies will get ample amounts of protection while still gaining equal parts street cred.Staff
Alpinestars Anaheim Motorcycle Riding Shoe
Alpinestars Anaheim Shoe
The Anaheim shoe is a true mash up of skate shoe meets motorcycle riding boot. Although you may not recognize the latter right away, you'll immediately rest easy knowing that these things feature dual density MX-style ankle protectors.Staff
Cortech Vice WP Motorcycle Riding Shoe
Cortech Vice WP Riding Shoe
For the guys not wanting a riding boot that looks like a…boot, there are options out there. Take the Cortech WP Riding Shoe for example—the water-resistant leather and liner keep the foot and ankle dry while reinforced heel cups and toe guards offer superior impact protection.Staff
Dainese Street Rocker motorcycle riding shoe
Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Riding Shoe
Although these shoes from Dainese look just like regular high top sneakers, they can be worn comfortably in any weather due to the genuine cowhide with breathable membrane. Heel and ankle reinforcements will keep the foot protected while on the go, and waterproof materials will keep them dry during rainy conditions.Staff