Rev’It! Williamsburg Jacket: Tested

Versatile, Comfortable, and Pretty Damn Epic

I get a lot of jackets to test. Some are like totally rad, dude, and some are well… complete shit. The Rev'It! Williamsburg Jacket definitely fits in the not-latter category, minus my lame lingo (I'm not clever enough to figure out the opposite of latter).

rev'it! Williamsburg Jacket
The removable liner ensures you're comfortable if temps get too extreme in either direction.Continental Tires

First thing’s first: what’s the purpose of a jacket? Well, in my case, to keep me warm. I’m a total “wah” when it comes to being cold (picture a shivering newborn being removed from the womb), and the Williamsburg kicks the elements straight in the nards (if the elements had nards, of course). I’ve worn the Williamsburg in 30-degree temps and with the liner inserted, I laugh in Mother Nature’s face. Basically, it definitely does what it’s supposed to do. Plus, it’s also waterproof (on top of my disdain for cold, it gets worse if you add being wet to that equation). Luckily it finally rained here in Southern California. A lot. And I was able to sport it on quite a few wet treks home. And every time, after unbuttoning/unzipping it when I returned to mi casa, my shirt was completely dry. Yay!

Second: The Williamsburg is versatile. Like I mentioned about my hatred for low temps, the Williamsburg also does extremely well when it warms up. Simply removing the liner I was surprised at how well it breathed with the California sun beating down on me. Riding jackets for the most part are great at certain things, whether that’s armor, or waterproofing, or comfort, or style. So far the Williamsburg was checking all the boxes.

Revit jackets
Rev'It! Williamsburg Jacket (front)Rev'It!

I also dug (and still dig) how easily the liner zips…er…snaps out! I can’t stand zip-in liners! Yes, that’s a personal preference, but if I told you how many zip-in liners’ zippers failed, well… hello? Are you still with me? Wake up! Anyhoo, thank you, Rev’It! for paying attention to the details. It really is the little things that matter (ask my wife).

Third: The Williamsburg loaded is with protection. And by that, I mean in the thin-for-your-pleasure type protection. It comes equipped with Rev’It!’s unobtrusive SEESMART CE-rated limb protectors, and you can easily upgrade by installing the CE-level 2 SEESOFT back protector insert. Overall, the Rev’It! armor is still some of the best I’ve seen. It’s not only protective, but it’s pliable, meaning you don’t feel like you’re sporting bricks for shoulder pads or your sleeves are lined with 2x4’s.

To sum up, jackets are jackets. Some are great, some not so much. The Rev’It! Williamsburg jacket is great for multiple reasons: it’s comfortable, it’s protective, it does an exceptional job at keeping you warm and dry (two birds, man!), and it’s also styled right so you could easily wear it when you’re not riding (God knows I do!). Available in S-XXL and in classic black, you definitely can’t go wrong with this riding jacket.

Revit jackets
Rev'It! Williamsburg Jacket (rear)Rev'It!