Rev'it! Safeway Belt

Leather belt keeps your jacket from sliding up

Rev'it! Sport Safeway Belt
Rev'it! Sport Safeway belt attaches your jeans to your jacketRev'it! Sport

Rev'it! Sport is taking casual riding gear to the next level. From waterproof denim to reflective and protective hoodies, they've got you covered and looking good. The Safeway Belt allows you to attach the zipper inside your riding jacket to your jeans to keep the jacket from sliding up when you're riding or in case of an accident.

The Safeway is the first belt that makes it possible to connect your jeans to your jacket with the connection zipper. All REV'IT! jackets and all REV'IT! jeans are prepared for the belt and by using it you will be safer and more comfortable as your back won't be exposed at any time. When the belt is connected to the jacket it will put pressure on the belt loops, the REV'IT! jeans are prepared for that thanks to diagonally placed belt loops on the side and the double belt loops at the back rise.

The Safeway Belt is available for $89.99 in Brown or Black