Rev'it! Guardian Two-Piece Rain Suit

Stay dry and stay focused with this weatherproof shell

Rev'it! Guardian Rain Suit
Rev'it! Guardian Two-Piece Rain Suit (front view) and Honda CB1100 with Held 20L Tank BagPhoto by Jordan Mastagni

Rain is one of the major challenges that face daily commuters and everyday riders. The roads are slippery, it's hard to see through your visor, and if you get wet it gets real cold real quick. Luckily there are a good amount of products out there to help keep us warm and focused on what's really important: keeping the rubber on that wet and slippery road.

Rev'it! Guardian Rain Suit
Rev'it! Guardian Rain Suit helps you stay dry and focused in the rainphoto by Jordan Mastagni

The Rev'it! Guardian Jacket and Pants are sold separately but work together perfectly to keep you warm and dry when riding in foul weather. The jacket is available for $219.99 and is much more than the typical plastic parka that you get with most rain shells. It has a hide-away hood that tucks into the neck, which is lined with some softer fabric so it keeps you a little warmer and is quite comfortable on your neck. The fit is a bit looser, I was wearing it over my leather jacket and a sweater in the photos up above, but there are adjustable straps in the arms and the sides of the body to make sure it's not flapping around in the wind. There is a waterproof pocket inside, as well as elastic around the wrists and neck.

Rev'it! two-piece rain suit
Rev'it! Guardian Rain Suit (back view) with 2015 Honda CB1100 and Held 20L Tank BagPhoto by Jordan Mastagni

The pants are available for $169.99 and again, are much more than a simple rainproof layer. A big problem for me has been that when I put my feet down at a stop, the bulk of synthetic fabric at near my boots would melt from contact on the exhaust pipe. The Rev'it! layer has a small piece of fabric down by the ankles that prevents this from happening, which is one less thing you have to worry about when managing the elements and trying to ride in the rain.

All around, this combo is effective at keeping you dry, raising your visibility in the rain, and not making you look like a hi-vis doofus. It's in the slightly higher price bracket, but these are products built to last and are sure to be around for many seasons of riding.

Rev'It! Guardian Rain Jacket and Pants
Rev'it! Guardian Rain Jacket and PantsPhotos Courtest of Rev'it! Sport

For more information on this set and other awesome products from Rev'it! Sport, check out their website