Mustang Rolls Out New Seat For F6B

Honda F6B Seat Comfort

Honda's Gold Wing seat isn't necessarily the worst perch out there, but there's always room for improvement, especially if you're planning a thousand-mile, multiday trek for the near future. Mustang has just released a new saddle for the F6B, just for that reason.

According to Honda, the new F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner than the old ’Wing. But seems Mustang found one area they could improve upon: the seat.

The all new Tripper Fastback Deluxe is patterned after classic high-performance Mustang designs and intended to complement the luxurious feel of the F6B. The 17-inch wide (in front) “Deluxe” version offers a Tuck and Roll pattern in the center panel for a custom finish, and, additionally, sits the rider about 1 inch lower than stock for better control of the bike while stopped.

With the Tripper-style seat, the rider is also positioned further back “into the bike” rather than perched on top, while the stepped seat offers a full 8 inches of back support. The passenger seat is 14 inches wide and is contoured to take pressure off one's thighs.

The Tripper Fastback is priced at $579; the Tripper Fastback Deluxe with a Tuck and Roll center is $599 retail. Both styles are designed to work with or without the stock passenger backrest.

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Part #76840 Tripper Fastback

MSRP: $579

Part #76841 Tripper Fastback Deluxe (Tuck And Roll Center)

MSRP: $599