Yoshimura Introduces Bolt Exhaust

Vintage System is made specifically for the Star Bolt

Yoshimura Vintage System For Star Bolt

It's no secret that the Yamaha Bolt was one of the most well received bikes of 2013 and its appeal to the custom bike builder is readily apparent in its design and reach. Yoshimura R&D America saw a prime opportunity as well, and jumped in with a version of its ever-expanding lineup of Vintage Series exhausts. Introducing the Yamaha Bolt Vintage Series full system (yes, we know it's the Star Bolt, but don't tell them that).

The prototype system debuted at the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida last year, and got plenty of thumbs up from onlookers on its aesthetics alone. There were quite a few custom Bolts at that particular event, but many were heard to say, "That is the best system I have seen for this bike."

The R&D is now finished, and the dyno work is complete. Now this piece of Yoshimura V-twin magic is available to all; MSRP for the Yamaha Bolt Vintage Series System is $995 (part # 131700K500)

The spirit of Pop Yoshimura lives on in this rare piece from Yoshimura R&D.

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