Indoor/ Outdoor Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cover

Protect your bike from the elements with this new Harley-Davidson motorcycle cover

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cover
Small Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover (P/N 93100040, $149.95)Harley-Davidson

Battle all of the elements with the new Small Indoor/Outdoor Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cover (P/N 93100040, $149.95). Sized specifically to fit over Harley-Davidson Street and Sportster motorcycles that are exposed to outdoor storage, this heavy-duty cover is manufactured from diamond-pattern 300 denier fade-resistant polyester and features taped seams for water resistance.

Weather-shielded vents in the top of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle cover promote air circulation to reduce moisture build-up and minimize corrosion during short- or long-term storage. Internal heat-resistant panels protect the cover from warm exhaust and an integrated storage pouch permits convenient packing when the cover is not in use. The cover skirt features front and rear adjustable drawstrings to cinch the cover around the bike and a convenient belly strap to reduce ballooning in the wind. An opening near the front wheel will accommodate a security chain or cable. The bright orange-and- black cover features Harley-Davidson graphics and reflective piping for added visibility. The cover also has internal pockets that accept the optional Cover Alarm (P/N 69000038, $29.95).