Motorcycle Hauling Made Easy with Trailer Valet

The easy way to move your toy hauler

Trailer Valet
Trailer ValetTrailer Valet

The Trailer Valet is a newly patented trailer dolly designed to aid in moving trailers into tight corners without using your truck. We move a lot of custom bikes in our line of work, and sometimes our company vehicles won't fit into some of the tight spots we encounter. The Trailer Valet focuses on maneuverability, functionality, convenience, and safety, and the multifunctional tool provides the option of moving a motorcycle trailer, toy hauler, enclosed trailer, or whatever trailer you own, with ease.

The Trailer Valet XL (shown, $580) is equipped to handle up to 10,000 pounds with a tongue weight of 1,000 pounds—a pretty tough little cookie in a small and sleek package. It shares the same great features as its little brother but also comes with a few upgrades. The XL moves most trailers up to 10,000 pounds with just using a crank handle or an 18V drill attachment that makes moving your bulky toy hauler a breeze. The XL features dual 9-inch tires that can handle up to 500 pounds per tire, and Trailer Valet’s positraction technology for making tight turns. The automatic brake engages when the handle is released for superior safety, making it ideal for moving a trailer with your precious goodies inside (motorcycles!).

Trailer Valet
Trailer Valet mounted up to a trailer for easy movementTrailer Valet

We tested the Trailer Valet on an enclosed motorcycle trailer hauling two heavy baggers and had an easy time getting the trailer to move backward and forward on a smooth surface. We also loved how easy the drillbit attachment worked and required zero elbow grease. However, we noticed when trying to maneuver the XL on a gravel surface moving a friend's 23-foot travel trailer with the hand crank, it was a little difficult to get the momentum of the trailer going. But the XL is equipped with a high and a low gearing setup, which aided when kicking into the low gear to maneuver through the gravel surface. So overall we found the unit—given its size and the capacity that it can move a freaking trailer with two bikes weighing almost a ton—to be pretty damn awesome.

Trailer Valet
The XL comes with Trailer Valet's 18-volt drillbit attachment to ease moving your trailer.Trailer Valet