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Motorwolf LOBO Vest
LOBO Vest from Motorwolf - $219.99Staff

**A word from Miguel Oldenburg, the founder of Motorwolf **

I’m a avid long distance rider and really passionate about motorcycle touring and moto-camping. I have ridden so far on 12 countries, 49 out of 50 US States, and 9 out of 13 Canadian Provinces. And was during these rides that I felt the need for a garment layer that would have the functionality compared to an ADV rider jacket BUT with the old school denim style for the cruiser/touring/chopper crowd taste which I favored… In other words, my thought was I wanted all the elements and functions of an ADV jacket but didn’t wanted to look like a damn Power Ranger with all their color flares and trims… I wanted something classic.

So I made a “napkin drawing” trying to put together all the elements I was needing: A waterproof or water resistant pocket for my iPhone, a large pocket for paper maps (I’m old school on this) a military inspired PAL system to quickly hook my earbuds or sunglasses while a gas stop for example, true hand warmers with a D ring for my keys and a discreet pocket for my utility knife. At the same time I wanted a minimal collar to avoid all that wind flapping and PLENTY of open space on the chest and back to customize it and patch the hell out of it.

The result was the LOBO vest and I put a team of great people to work on it. Our first prototype was done last year and I personally took it on a 5000+ miles ride all across Canada (From Astoria Queens to Astoria Oregon) during the Summer. I exposed that prototype to wind, rain, dirt, bugs, sweat, blood, and a few beer spills… came back to NY and took out what didn’t work and made the adjustments I learned from that ride. I stand proud behind the company and what we came up with hoping to grow it slowly but steady into something worth the effort and as a reflection of our love we all share for motorcycles, specially for the true riders and adventure seekers who like to take their bikes out far!

Something else about the LOBO vest is that I wanted to be completely sourced and manufactured in the USA. And as a startup company you can imagine what that entitles but then again is what I believe in, and supporting the local economy was a priority.

Motorwolf LOBO Vest inside
LOBO Vest internals from MotorwolfStaff

Born on the roads of America, Motorwolf’s mission and intention is to create motorcycle apparel, blending style and functionality, for the true riders.

Our designs are conceived by passionate motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. We stand by each and every one of our product lines after putting them through hardcore road tests to ensure the quality and functionality needed for your rides.

With a solid commitment to a 100% American sourcing and production, you can count on the quality and reliability of our products. Our team expands to sources in North Carolina, Los Angeles and our main production base in the heart of the Fashion District in New York City. At Motorwolf we support our local economy and believe in our standards as a "Made in the USA" company.

Motorwolf is an authentic brand for today's motorcycle lifestyle.

LOBO Riding Vest Specifications

•The LOBO riding vest blends the vintage motorcycle culture style with the functionality needed for today's riding.

  • The main construction is 100% North Carolina Black Denim.

  • Red and Black plaid comfort liner on the inside.

  • Chopped collar to avoid wind flapping.

  • US military PALS-inspired strap for quick attachments (sunglasses, earbuds, pens, etc).

  • Concealed keys D ring.

  • Clean upper chest and back design open for MC customization.

  • Extended arm openings for relaxed fit over your riding jacket.

  • Extended lower back cut eliminates the lift or "cape look" and adds cover protection while in riding position.

  • Designed with throttle/clutch sides in mind to optimize pocket positions.

  • Brass YKK zippers

  • Made entirely in the USA

Pocket Overview:

  • Water resistant frontal pocket for devices or documents.

  • 2 hand warmer pockets with cotton liner.

  • Discreet "blade" pocket.

  • Cargo style frontal pocket.

  • Large utility map pocket (holds several standard 9" road maps).

  • 2 internal large utility pockets.

//$219.99// Motorwolfusa.com