Kriega Motorcycle Backpack Review

Kriega R25 and accessories

If you've ever spent time on your bike with a shoddy backpack, you know the havoc it can wreak on your back, neck and shoulders. Having a properly designed pack that's built around your riding experience can make all the difference.

Put simply, this bag is a masterpiece of motorcycle luggage.

I have been wearing the R25 for a couple weeks now and I am still finding myself impressed by the little innovations. The harness is equipped with two locking clips that can be used with your gloves on, and sits narrow enough on your chest to not restrict your arms at all while riding. The straps also open up quite wide, so you don't have to wrestle your arms into the straps while wearing protective gear. The fit is quickly adjustable and once set, will not easily slide out of place, also there are clips on the ends of all loose straps to prevent whipping at speed.The entire back is constructed of nylon ripstop, except for the reflective patches and the Dupont Cordura in the straps and base. It just doesn't let up. Every detail was purpose-built and it shows. So far, this is the best backpack I have had the pleasure of wearing.

For more information on Kriega, and to see their other backpacks, bike packs, and motorcycle specific accessories, visit their website Kriega.US

Kriega R25 Backpack