Klim Rambler Glove Review

Old school riding glove from the technical masters

For the first couple years I rode, I just wore a pair of yellow deerskin gloves that I had from working in the metal shop.I loved them then, and they still hold a soft little place in my heart as a great simple, affordable glove that would handle whatever I threw at it with ease, and at the end of the day, they weren't too hard to replace when the time came. The Klim Rambler Glove is everything I loved about my classic yellow gloves, updated and designed specifically for riding with a little bit of padding and some added comfort for daily use.

Klim Rambler Gloves- Buy It Now!Staff

Subtle padding had been integrated into the glove in the form of a soft layer in the knuckle and the base of the palms. A large, single piece of leather extends throughout all four fingers and the palm, giving it strength, but also the ability to stretch to fit. The leather is soft and supple, but still feels strong enough to inspire confidence in the case of something going South.

The gloves fit well, not too long in any of the fingers and not too tight in the hand or the wrist. I have a long palms and the one little stress point that created quickly stretched out and got comfortable. The only real styling detail aside from the sort of cool pattern which the knuckle pads were sewn in with is the embossed Klim logo on the velcro strap, which is subtle but nice.

Single velcro closure on the wristStaff

The Rambler gloves have all of the simplicity of the classic yellow gloves I fell in love with as a younger man, but made with higher quality leather and cut in a pattern designed to be gripping handlebars, they're sure to last you much longer. Going on almost a month in mine, they've softened up, stretched to fit and are now like a second skin.

At $70, you could head down to your local Pick'n Save and grab a few pairs of your standard work gloves for the price, but you get what you pay for in the Rambler glove. Putting in the time is worth it, and so is the added protection.