King of Cool Gloves from Concept Racer

Not just a clever name for these retro racer gloves

Concept Racer King of Cool gloves
Concept Racer King of Cool gloves in blackMorgan Gales

A lot of amazing things came out of our recent trip down to Mexico City. We got to see and ride some really incredible custom bikes. We had the chance to experience Mexico City from the eyes of insiders and see things we would never see otherwise. One of the things that we were lucky enough to have coincide with our trip was the opening of the new Concept Racer storefront in Zona Roma.

Concept Racer gloves black
Concept Racer King of Cool gloves palmsMorgan Gales

Among the awesome bikes and lovely people, this stylish pair of gloves caught my eye. The diamond stitching, padding on the fingers, reinforced palm and knuckles all added up to a simple but stylish win for me. I normally wear an XL but tried on the larges and they fit like a dream. The fit is right and the leather is soft but strong. The gloves will break in quickly and easily to fit your hand, and literally, fit like a glove in no time. Velcro closures have never been my favorite on gloves, as I like to throw them into my helmet when i hop off of the bike and velcro always snags, but this one works well enough. Comfortable and dependable, these gloves will be coming with me on many future trips.

Concept Racer gloves
Concept Racer King of Cool glovesMorgan Gales

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