Keeping Motorcycle Parts Organized

Nice, neat, organized.

It’s safe to say that I’ve probably removed and replaced more nuts and bolts than I’ve had hot meals. Years ago I realized that if I kept track of the hardware as I removed it, I’d be that much less likely to encounter problems replacing it. The first solution, and one I still use 90 percent of the time, is to segregate the removed bits in a common muffin tin.

Keeping motorcycle parts organized
Nice, neat, organized, Now if I could only remember what engine they came out of I'd be all set.Photography by Mark Zimmerman

These can be purchased at any grocery store or lifted from the kitchen if you’re feeling bold. They have a dozen or so small compartments that can be used to hold anything from hardware to small widgets, while their shape makes them inherently stable, meaning you won’t spill the stuff all over the workbench. You can use a nonpermanent marker to label each bin so you won’t forget where that particular bolt goes should you be called away in the middle of the job. When you’re finished, give the tin a spray of brake or contact cleaner and you’re all set for the next project.


This article was originally published in the April 2004 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser.