JvB-moto Brings A Leaner, Cleaner Yamaha XSR900

The sleek German custom machine will soon be available as a kit.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 motorcycle riding down road.
The latest Yamaha Yard Built custom is this XSR900 from JvB-moto out of Cologne, Germany.Courtesy of Yamaha

Yamaha has managed to tease out a pretty good run of customs with its Yard Built series. In a few short years, by turning to pro customizers for ideas on how to transform its modern Sport Heritage models, the Tuning Fork guys have compiled an impressive collection of sleek customs: more than 50 Yard Built bikes, some espousing practicality, some embracing a full-on wild aesthetic, but all of them entirely distinctive from the original models.

The platforms getting the most love have been primarily the XSR700 and 900 models, but we’ve also seen wicked examples of built Bolts, XJR1300s, and even the SR400 over the last three years.

The latest Yard Built project sees the return of longtime Yamaha collaborator Jens vom Brauck, a German custom builder renowned for his minimalist designs, this time bringing out the vision of the original XSR900 within a brand-new skin.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 motorcycle on waterside.
JvB-moto says it was inspired by 1970s and ’80s concept cars and wanted an understated, clean look with more of a concept bike “feel.”Courtesy of Yamaha

The first JvB-moto Yard Built special was the 2015 VMAX "Infrared", a dragster-meets-café racer that marked the 30th anniversary of Yamaha's iconic VMAX. That was followed by the "Super 7," the first customised version of the new XSR700 with clean, tidy lines and, now, four years later JvB-moto returns with its take on the 2019 Yamaha XSR900: the "CP3," which won Best of Show at the 2019 Café Racer Festival.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 motorcycle with carbon fiber wheel covers, Behringer front brake discs, and LighTech footpegs.
Cutting-edge and top-shelf bits include carbon fiber wheel covers, Behringer front brake discs, and LighTech footpegs.Courtesy of Yamaha

The “CP3” echoes JvB-moto’s philosophy of clean lines and an uncluttered vibe. While the retro theme is in full effect on the “CP3,” you can still pick out Yamaha’s traditional dark blue racing color, but in a matt finish and further darkened to highlight the new bodywork. Even though the lines are unerring and almost impossibly simple, a number of up-spec mods shine through. Carbon fiber wheel covers house Pirelli Supercorsa rubber, with Behringer front brake discs to pack extra stopping power. The LighTech footrests help reduce weight and give the rider stable footing, while a new seat adds a more comfy perch.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 with Termignoni exhaust.
A Termignoni exhaust calls attention to the Yamaha’s 850cc triple in the best way, while also adding a dollop of punch.Courtesy of Yamaha

Ultimately JvB-moto saw the CP3 as a vehicle to accentuate the XSR900's powerful 850cc three-cylinder powerplant (which remains stock), and designed the bike around its characteristics. For example, the Termignoni exhaust is meant to call out the emotive sound of the triple while providing a subtle bump in horsepower, adding an exclamation point to yet another cohesive Yard Built special. Vom Brauck elaborated: “I wanted it to look fast without looking aggressive, for it to be less retro and more minimalist, with a reduced and purposeful design.”

Custom Yamaha XSR900 by JvB-moto.
“CP3” is super-clean and tidy, with a look more akin to a concept than a custom. JvB-moto is developing a kit for those interested in repeating the theme on their own bikes.Courtesy of Yamaha

JvB-moto says it's now developing a kit so customers can reproduce their own "CP3" or just adapt parts of it. The build debuted in its homeland in Hamburg, alongside the Hookie Co. "Grasshopper," another German-made 2019 Yard Built bike and also available as a kit.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 rear.
The full bolt-on kit for the Yamaha will be out by early next year.Courtesy of Yamaha

JvB’s bolt-on kit includes: wheel and tank covers, brakes, footrests, a seat, exhaust, a front fender, and a handmade tail section with LED taillight, speedometer relocation kit, tapered handlebar and riser, LED headlight and front and back LED indicators, and a number plate carrier. The kit is expected to be available to customers in early 2020.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 motorcycle riding down road.
With its integrated cohesive design you’d think JvB-moto’s “CP3” was a production model.Courtesy of Yamaha