IXS’ Tour Glove ST-Plus Is A Swiss Army Knife Of A Touring Glove

This IXS glove mixes desirable touring features with stiff protection and an innovative inner membrane

IXS’ Tour Glove ST-Plus Is A Swiss Army Knife Of A Touring Glove
IXS’ Tour Glove ST-Plus Is A Swiss Army Knife Of A Touring GloveIXS

If you're any kind of serious touring rider, you probably have three or four different gloves in your arsenal, ready to deploy in the right circumstances (there's nothing worse than cold, wet hands on a long motorcycle ride). A lightweight summer glove will be there to handle your digits in toasty temps, a winter glove insulates your fingers from the frost, and the mid-level all-rounder occupies the ground somewhere in the middle. That last one is especially tricky, as you need hand and weather protection, good grip, and a not-too-clunky form factor. Oh, and it's got to handle at least two (or preferably three) seasons comfortably.

It looks like IXS might have come up with a contender for that middle ground with its Tour Glove ST-Plus—a mitt that ticks most of those boxes, with stout construction and a suite of road-friendly features tailor made for tourers (except for the somewhat boxy aesthetics).

Going down the robust feature list, you'll see things like wind and waterproofness—the bare minimum a touring glove should have in our book. The ST is also said to be extremely breathable—something you don't always find on touring gear—which means it regulates hands from cooling too much. It's also touted to provide feel in your fingertips, which many heavier gloves also skimp on.

Thanks go to the newly developed solto-Tex Plus membrane, apparently; IXS says the individual waterproof membrane and inner lining are bonded together, stopping them from moving around, and making it easier to access controls on your bike or helmet. The index finger is even touchscreen-compatible so you can successfully poke at your navigation system or mobile phone while wearing the gloves (not that you should).

The goatskin and textile glove sports robust protective features too, with Clarino reinforcing the inner leather glove and palm, and a shatter-proof TPU-shaped piece covering the knuckles. Reinforced leather also covers the fingers, with a rubber lip on the index finger to wipe away rain, and Velcro adjustments at the stretchy cuffs ensure the necessary fit. We can’t judge the form factor yet, but it sounds like the IXS Tour Glove ST-Plus packs some serious attention to detail, and we'll be looking to try one out in the future.

The ST-Plus retails for around $115 in sizes S–XXXL, in black only.