Indian’s 2020 Scout Lineup Adds Two New Models

Lineup includes new 100th Anniversary Scout and Scout Bobber Twenty.

Two new 2020 Indian’s Scout models: the Scout 100th Anniversary and the Scout Bobber Twenty.
Two new models join Indian’s Scout series for 2020: the Scout 100th Anniversary and the Scout Bobber Twenty.Indian Motorcycle

Indian's just announced its 2020 Scout lineup, with two new models joining Indian's midsize category this year, for a total of five models. The newbie duo—the limited-edition 2020 Scout 100th Anniversary and the 2020 Scout Bobber Twenty machines—are a clear nod to the 100th birthday of the iconic side-valve V-twin Indian Scout, which was first produced in 1919 as a 1920 model. The base Scout models from 2019 are returning as well, with the Scout Sixty, the Scout, and the Scout Bobber all taking their slots for 2020.

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary motorcycle in front of store.
The Scout 100th Anniversary pays homage to the first Scout, produced in 1919 during Indian’s first go-round.Indian Motorcycle

First up is the birthday boy, a premium Scout 100th Anniversary model that makes no bones about its homage to the original Scout. Although the beating heart is still a standard Scout, 1,133cc V-twin engine and all, the bodywork gets tricked out in splashes of Indian Motorcycle Red with Anniversary Gold trim, with a color-matched Scout 100th Anniversary badge taking its spot right in between the splayed cylinders. The tribute bike wears wire-spoke wheels (chrome spokes, black rims) instead of the standard Scout’s cast hoops, and it’s topped with a floating leather solo saddle—a sharp-looking improvement over the standard’s couch cushion. Wide beach bars and a luggage rack out back complete the throwback styling. And it’s not all just good looks; all 2020 Scout models also get key improvements in the brake department, with new floating rotors, calipers, and master cylinders getting added to the feature list for improved stopping power.

Alas, Indian will only be cranking out 750 units of this limited-edition, commemorative model for the entire planet, so better act quick. MSRP for the Scout 100th Anniversary is $15,999, which puts it at the top of the Scout series price list.

2020 Indian Scout 100th Anniversary motorcycle luggage rack, wire-spoke wheels, and anniversary badging.
Key features on the Scout anniversary edition include a luggage rack, wire-spoke wheels, and, yes, anniversary badging—so you know what’s what.Indian Motorcycle

Apparently a one-bike tribute just won’t do, so Indian’s doubled down on the big century celebration with the Scout Bobber Twenty. Indian says the Bobber Twenty also pays homage to the original 1920 Scout, but it does so in name only; you’ll see no badging or special paint as with the 100th Anniversary model, just a couple of unique features like a taller handlebar, wire-spoke wheels, and a floating saddle to distinguish it from the standard model. It still brings a mix of chrome and blacked-out finishes for that urban brawler attitude which gets amped up even more with the addition of those 10-inch apehanger bars—which will relax the ergonomics nicely. Yes, you get the rotor/caliper/cylinder brake upgrades on this model as well, and there is a non-ABS version available.

There are three color options for the Scout Bobber Twenty: Thunder Black (ABS or non-ABS), Sagebrush Smoke (ABS), and Burnished Metallic (ABS). The price starts at $11,999 for non-ABS and $12,899 for bikes with ABS.

2020 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty.
The floating seat and spoke wheels really sharpen the looks of the Scout Bobber Twenty, as does the taller bar. We’re not sure how the last bit pays tribute to its century-old heritage though.Indian Motorcycle

For Indian, obviously, the decision to add the tribute models was a no-brainer; “The Indian Scout has stood the test of time as one of the most influential, iconic, and recognizable motorcycles in the world,” said Reid Wilson, vice president for Indian Motorcycle. “One hundred years is an incredibly special milestone, and it made perfect sense to honor Scout’s history and legacy with these two heritage-inspired 2020 models.”

2020 Indian Scout Bobber riding on road.
The Scout Bobber returns for 2020 with four color options, brake upgrades, and ABS.Indian Motorcycle

Joining the two newer bikes are the standard Scout, Scout Sixty, and Scout Bobber, all back for 2020 and receiving the same brake improvements as seen on the other Scouts. The Indian Scout Bobber model also sports new Pirelli MT 60 RS rubber for 2020, and can be had in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Deepwater Metallic, Bronze Smoke, and White Smoke (though the non-ABS model will come only in black). Even with all those improvements, the Scout somehow manages to keep the starting price at the same $10,999 as last year (that’s for the non-ABS model in black).

2020 Indian Scout standard passenger pegs.
A Sport Seat and passenger pegs make a new appearance on the standard Scout this year.Indian Motorcycle

The 100-hp midsize marvel that kickstarted the modern Scout lineup is in the 2020 group as well, with the standard Scout offering new color options for the ABS models. But it gets some minor ergonomic tweaks too, including a low-profile Sport Seat and passenger pegs (we still don’t get why the pegs aren’t a standard item). You can get the Scout in Thunder Black, White Smoke, Deepwater Metallic, Metallic Jade over Thunder Black, and Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream with Gold Pinstripe, with prices starting at $11,499. As with the Scout Bobber, the non-ABS bikes are the lowest priced and come in black only.

2020 Indian Scout Sixty posed in front of two men.
The Scout Sixty is back with a couple of new color packages but an unchanged price tag for the non-ABS model.Indian Motorcycle

Last but not least is the Indian Scout Sixty, which returns this year with no price increase over 2019—even with the same brake improvements as the other Scout models. The crowd-pleasing MSRP starts at $8,999, which means at that level you’ll be getting a non-ABS bike in Thunder Black only—which still ain’t too shabby. The other color options are Burgundy Metallic and Pearl White over Titanium Metallic.

Quick-release fairing on 2020 Indian Scout Motorcycle.
This quick-release fairing will fit all model years of the Scout or Scout Sixty and comes with the option to change to either a 5-inch or 7-inch windshield.Indian Motorcycle

No, it hasn’t forgotten the accessories; Indian’s also rolled out a nice selection of touring pieces for your Scout should you want to do some riding of the long-distance variety on this machine. Thumbs-up to these much-needed add-ons which include a color-matched Quick Release Fairing with a 2-inch Windshield (with taller options available) and weather-resistant semi-rigid quick release saddlebags. You can also choose from new performance accessories like the slick-looking Stage 1 Shorty Slip-on Muffler Kit, or the all-new 2-into-1 Full Exhaust System, either of which will sweeten the style as well as boosting power.

Additional accessories for the 2020 Indian Scout motorcycles including a solo luggage rack and, new semi-rigid quick-release hinged saddlebags.
Additional touring pieces include a solo luggage rack and, come winter, new semi-rigid quick-release hinged saddlebags.Indian Motorcycle
Motorcyclists riding Indian motorcycles.
Indian also has new 2020 accessories to complement the new year’s models, with details on the Indian Motorcycle website.Indian Motorcycle