Honda Mini Bike the Monkey is Coming Back

New retro-style Honda 125cc Gromlin coming soon!

The rendering that Honda patented for the new Gromlin conceptHonda Monkey

Honda mini bikes, to me, represent the golden age of motorcycling. The approachable, "anyone can ride one," fun days of enduro racing and every kid on the block on his own little two-wheeled hooligan machine. The Honda Grom is a throwback to those days, with the low price point, insanely high fun factor, and approachability of a large bicycle. But the Grom is not your true minibike, it's a little bigger, a little faster, and a lot more capable. The new thing that we're absolutely crazy excited about: the return of the Honda Monkey, or more aptly named "Gromlin".

Now, nothing has been confirmed yet, but Honda has patented these new designs based around the Grom frame. The engine is the same, and the frame is very similar, with a modified subframe and mounts for two shocks instead of the Grom monoshock system. There are a few other changes that come with the times (catalytic converter, etc.), but the new Gromlin looks remarkably similar to the old Monkey and we love it. We can't imagine a world where this bike wont be a success. Just seeing the renderings of it has us frothing at the bit to get on and ride one.

A couple of the Honda Grom concepts from last yearHonda Motorcycles