This week Honda revealed a number of 2019 carry-over street models that cover a variety of categories, but we’ll just hit on the touring and cruiser categories here. Dig around a little and you'll find the announcement refers to mostly new colors and some software updates on the Gold Wing and, of course, new prices.

The mighty Gold Wing gets the bulk of the changes, with Honda stating that all 2019 Wings will now come with two Smart Keys. All Wings will also get Navigation System software updates, which will allow voice route guidance to continue after the bike’s ignition is turned off and then back on. The update will also enable the Points Of Interest feature to remain present after ignition is turned off and then back on, as well.

Honda says those updates will come right from the factory for the new 2019 Gold Wing models, but they’ll also be available to 2018 Wing owners who can download them from the Powersports website beginning later this fall.

2019 Honda Gold Wing
All new Gold Wings will come with two Smart Keys and software updates for 2019.Honda

The 2019 Gold Wing, which will be available in winter of 2018, also gets some snappy new colors:

The Gold Wing Tour (MSRP of $27,000–$27,500) and Gold Wing Tour DCT ($28,000–$28,500) will be available in Candy Ardent Red, Darkness Black Metallic, and Pearl Hawkseye Blue.

The Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT comes in Candy Ardent Red/Black, with an MSRP of $31,800.

The Gold Wing comes in Darkness Black Metallic and retails for $23,800.

The Gold Wing DCT will be available in Candy Ardent Red, Matte Majestic Silver, and Darkness Black Metallic and will cost $25,000–$25,3000.

Honda Rebel 300 ABS
The Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 both get new coats of paint for 2019.Honda

Then there’s one of our favorites, the Honda Rebel, which also gets fresh new paint for 2019:

The Rebel 500 and Rebel 500 ABS will be wearing Matte Gray Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown, or Candy Orange and will cost $6,199 and $6,499 respectively.

The Rebel 300 and Rebel 300 ABS can be had in Matte Gray Metallic, Pearl Gray, or Candy Orange, and will run $4,499 for the base 300 and $4,799 for the ABS model. They’ll be available in January 2019

Honda Fury
For 2019, the Honda Fury will come in Pearl Hawkseye Blue.Honda

You just can't forget the Fury either. In 2019, it will come in Pearl Hawkseye Blue, and will retail for $11,449 with ABS or $10,599 for the standard model. It'll be available in November 2018.

Shadow Phantom
The venerable Shadow Phantom comes in either black or white for 2019.Honda

Finally, the Shadow Phantom will be available in Black or Matte Pearl White with an MSRP of $7,999 for ABS and $7,699 without, in November 2018.