HighPipe Scrambler Rally 2019

Scrambling around Mountain High in Wrightwood, California.

Scrambling around Mountain High in Wrightwood, California.

HighPipe Scrambler Rally 2019Erik Jutras

Scrambling is fun any way you slice it. Taking on-road bikes off road is going to present a handful of challenges, but they’re the sort of challenges that leave you smiling as you pull up the driveway after a long day. That’s just what the HighPipe Motorcycle Festival is all about—meeting like-minded people and getting off the beaten path a little bit. Heading up to the mountains and using scramblers the way they were meant to be ridden, and other bikes in ways they definitely were not meant to be ridden.

The roads up to Mountain High are incredible. And as if the twisties of Angeles Crest and the surrounding highways aren’t enough, there are tons of trails varying in difficulty in the area as well. Over the course of the three-day rally, we rode just about everything we could—both on road and off. Back at our Mountain High headquarters, there was live music, food, drinks, axe throwing, moto gear vendors, as well as test rides from Ducati’s Scrambler lineup. For those willing to test their skills against other riders, there was a timed moto obstacle course in the parking lot. It served as a great spot to stop and rest, regroup with some other riders, and rally before heading back out onto the mountain.

This was the HighPipe Rally’s third year and it’s just getting better! If you’ve never been, be sure to head to highpipemoto.com and get the details on next year’s event!

One of the many Mob Run groups after a successful 30-mile loop through dirt and pavement.Erik Jutras
A group of riders hitting the twisty roads right outside of our Mountain High HQ.Erik Jutras
Live music kept things going at Mountain High throughout the day, with a DJ filling the breaks in between.Erik Jutras
Jerry Kaplan showing off his survivor. He spent time on the roads and trails all weekend, putting many of the newer bikes to shame!Erik Jutras
The Axe Lair showed up with its full setup, giving many attendees the chance to throw axes for the first time.Erik Jutras
From adventure bikes to scramblers and streetbikes, anything is welcome at HighPipe!Erik Jutras
Morgan Gales leading the Mob Run on a 2019 Ducati Desert Sled, a great option for both the roads and trails surrounding Mountain High.Erik Jutras