Heroclip Saves The Day

A small accessory that’s a big help

If a flat surface is hard to find, the HeroClip lets us hang our helmets up with our riding jackets.Morgan Gales

About a month ago, I saw a video on the mom who developed the Herolip to help free up her hands when she was busy and immediately thought of all the uses I would have for something like that. So I bought one and hooked it on my commuting backpack and it has been getting a ton of use ever since.

When I get into work, I can hang my backpack or helmet on the rack next to my jacket—no need for a hook. Even when I am out walking around, I can hook my water bottle onto my pocket and free up my hands. And if you want to just use it like a normal carabineer, that works too.

Starting at about $20, get yours from Amazon.HeroClip

It’s not too expensive, bulky, or cumbersome to use. It’s easy to get and easy to hold on to. It’s one of those things that I never really needed but now that I have it, it’s hard to go without.