Held 20L Tank Bag

Motorcycle luggage for your standard, custom or cruiser

Using a motorcycle as your daily commuter can be a challenge, especially if said motorcycle is not equipped with luggage. Luckily there are a wealth of comfortable and stylish options on how to carry your junk with you on your bike.

For riders who prefer to wear a backpack, we recommend the Kriega R25, but for those of you who prefer to not be laden down by the weight of wearable luggage; the Held 20L tank bag is an excellent option. the bag is equipped with one main pouch that easily converts from 13 to 20 liters and three pockets on the outside, as well as one hard case on the front for glasses. The clear map pocket on the top makes it easy to stay on route with a map or slide a phone or ipad in there for on-the-go directions. A weatherproof bag is kept inside in case of rain, and a convenient carry strap for use off the motorcycle is included as well. 3m reflective strips add to the visibility and a set of seven magnet and one strap around the neck of your bike keep the bag secured on your gas tank.

We have been testing this new bag out on our 2015 Honda CB1100 and have been loving it! The opportunity to skip a backpack and have access to pockets in front of you while riding is awesome! It is just big enough to fit my 13" laptop and camera, as well as a handful of chargers and other little things I need to carry with me. If you're looking for a new bag, be sure to check out Held's selection.

For more information on this bag and other products available from Held, check their website HeldUSA.com

Held 20L Tank Bag
Sunglass Case- Held 20L Tank Bag
Held 20L Tank Bag
Magnetic straps tucking away for easy carry- Held 20L Tank Bag