Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Locks

New Zeus Locks from Matt Risley Innovations

MRI saddlebag lock
The Zeus Lock allows you to lock your Harley-Davidson saddlebags to your bagger.Staff

Harley-Davidson saddlebags have been missing a key component, but thanks to Matt Risley Innovations, a saddlebag locking system for the Harley baggers has arrived! Matt Risley Innovations introduced its Zeus Lock, a patent pending saddlebag protection system to give you peace of mind ensuring that your bags stay right where they're supposed to: on your bike!

MRI saddlebag lock
The MRI saddlebag lock in place on an H-D baggerStaff

A keyed door provides access to the stock Harley-Davidson Dzus fasteners. Once the door is closed and locked, you must have a key to access removal of the bags. When the access door is closed, pressure is applied to the head of the Dzus fastener, the main housing incorporates an anti-rotation system that is designed to apply pressure to the bail portion of the fastener. This prevents rotation. By applying pressure to the head and preventing rotation with the bail, this system virtually eliminates the possibility of your bags falling off. Another asset to this system is, by using a keyed lock, when the door is in the closed position no one without your key, can access the removal of the bags, making it the only theft prevention system available.

The main housing also holds super bright LED’s, so with the flip of a switch you can light your bags up at night and easily see your belongings. Each kit comes with installation instructions, mounting hardware, drilling templates and quick disconnect connectors for all the electrical needs of setting up the lights.

To learn more about the Zeus Locks, visit mricustoms.com.

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