Handbuilt Motorcycle Show: Part Two

Gallery from Revival's Austin, TX custom motorcycle show

Maxwell Hazan's beautiful turbo DucatiMorgan Gales

I stood there alone staring at the incredible hand-formed front fairing on Criag Rodsmith's 1969 turboed Moto Guzzi Ambassador sprint bike. Astonished, I mumble to myself "Geez... I wonder how many panels it took to fab up that fairing..." When Craig, who I had never met and didn't realize was standing just to my left leaned over and said "Four."

Walking the floors of the Handbuilt Show, you're walking among giants. Max Hazan, Shinya Kimura, Roland Sands, Walt Siegl-- names that I've known for years from the pages of different custom sites and magazines. But here, at the Handbuilt show, they're standing right next to you as you try not to drool on their bikes. Throw a random question out there and you never know who will answer back.

Craig Kolstad's Triumph Thruxton RMorgan Gales
Analog's custom Triumph Street TwinMorgan Gales

Well here are some more of our favorites from this incredible custom show out in Austin.

We shot tons of photos of a LOT of bikes, so if you're not seeing all the detail shots you want to-- hold tight, they're coming. Over the next few weeks we will be doing individual features on some of the most stand-out customs we saw out there and bringing you more of the details on what went in to each build.

Be sure to check out yesterday's gallery HERE!

Linkshander BMW R100 by Apex Cycle ShopMorgan Gales
Lock Baker at Eastern Fabrication's custom Motus V4Morgan Gales
Zeke and Fuller's 'Zooid' CB175Morgan Gales
LC Speedster by LC FabricationsMorgan Gales
Vintage Steele's classically friendly BMWMorgan Gales
Texas Chainlube Massacre's KTM didn't make it inside the show, but we really dug this buildMorgan Gales
Marin Speed Shop teamed up with SF tattooer Grime to make this wicked Ducati ScramblerMorgan Gales