Functionality is Key

Tools and carry systems to refine your everyday key set

With so many EDC tools available, it's easy to clutter up your keyring-- I mean how many bottle openers does one need? But refining the collection to keep it minimal and functional is the ultimate goal. You want to avoid jangling around like you're old gym teacher, but also make sure you have the necessary tools should you need them. Let's take a look at the options out there, and how to refine your keyring to make it perfect for you.

motorcycle keys
Keeping your motorcycle key separate makes sure you won't scratch your bike with the edges of the metal tools on your keys, and a small cloth keychain keeps them easy to find (and in this case, like to party). On the Left: OOAK Forge Skully knuckle dagger/ bottle opener Scout Leather Co. Brass Key Hook Ringtool 32gb USB Drive Home Key On the Right: Beholder Badges No Problemo KeychainStaff

If you carry anything sizable on your keyring, you probably learned quite quickly that it doesn't work to keep that plugged into your motorcycle. Whether it's flapping around, scratching up the paint, or just adding weight and at risk of flying out, I have found it's much easier to keep my motorcycle key separate. I'l just keep it with my gloves and helmet when I'm not riding, and can grab all my things easily when I'm heading back to the bike. If you prefer to be able to reattach your bike key to your keyring, there are plenty of options for that as well.

A good set of keys should have several qualities: they should be easy to carry, not redundant, and fit your daily tasks. The last two can take some time, but the ease of carry is a quick fix. If you like to hook your keys to your belt, something like the hook from Scout up above is perfect, and it, like most keychain tools, doubles as a bottle opener. There are also tools like the Griffin Multitool that has a slough of tools with a belt hoop built in-- because everything should do more than one thing, right?. I actually keep the Griffin apart from my keys and use it as an alternative to a pocket knife when I travel and don't check a bag, for which it is perfect.

If you want to carry your keys inside your pocket, the Keybar is a great option and eliminates the jingle completely. A small pocket clip makes them incredibly easy to carry, the design makes it easy to find your keys, and they sell accessory tools that easily slip in and are quickly accessible when you need them.

Keybar with a comb and USB storageKeybar.US

Drivers are always a difficult thing to fit in your pocket, but the Ringtool is a easy solution to having a few options right there on your keys with you. The one in the picture up above was the first gen, which made it a little difficult to use once you put a keyring through it, but it has been redesigned since. The width of the tool makes it easy to get some leverage, though it's not super easy to fit into tight spaces and the sharp edges of certain bits can be a little rough on the hand.

A small USB flash drive is something that just about everyone should carry in this day and age. They have been reduced to about as small as you would possibly want them, and have incredible storage. Whether it's sharing music or photos, or bringing your resume around with you in case a sudden career opportunity arrises.

There are new multitool and EDC projects popping up daily on Kickstarter and Indiegogo looking for funding, and some of them are really incredible. Check them out often if this is something you're into and you're sure to find some rad tools.