Full Face VS. Open Face Helmets

How safe do you want to be?

half helmet full face
Little chrome dome, or a fully protective full face? Remember, nobody ever plans on crashing.Staff

Full-face helmet or half-helmet? That is the topic for today. Is it just me, or are a lot more of the cruiser riders out there sporting a full-face helmet now instead of the old “brain buckets.” Well at least down here in southern California they are. I chalk it up to the younger generation of riders coming into the cruiser world. Most of the old skull cap, half helmet, brain-bucket, whatever you want to call them, helmets are still on top of the old road dogs' heads that are damn set in their old ways.

So I guess the question is, aside from having the state tell you that it is required to wear one, why don’t we all wear the full-face? I mean the entire point of a helmet is to protect your head. Now you don’t need to be a college professor to understand that the full-face protects better, as it covers more.

More coverage is more protection, but what about the wind and the freedom of the road?

For example, my first wreck was on the highway, I was on my Sportster, and call me a bitch, but when I wrecked I went unconscious before I hit the ground. So what does that result in? Well, a grown ass man flying through the air like a limp noodle, that’s what. Being unconscious flying through the air, I had zero ability to brace, maneuver or anything and when I landed, after I flew over a Suburban, it was straight on my chin. I cracked the full-face straight up the chin portion. Now if I had a half helmet on that would have been my actual chin and I’m pretty sure my chin would have rocketed up into brain and I would not be writing this today. But because I had the full-face, all I did was bite through my lip and get a concussion.

I have heard multiple reasons why a full-face is worse than a half-helmet. Some of which are: You have limited visibility with the full-face, I have wrecked before and my head never touched the ground, they are for pussies, you miss the real experience of riding being all covered up etc., etc. Personally, I don’t buy any of that shit. That first wreck I had put it all in perspective for me. You ride because you love it. And you keep living because, well, you love being alive. Well guess what, being dead stops all that, yeah I know who knew right? \

So I ask you, am I just as stubborn as the old dogs who refuse to trade in their ratty-ass stickered cracked half-helmet for a full-face? Am I missing some grand piece of the puzzle that would sway my mind?

Yes I understand and do not argue that it is every man or woman’s choice to wear whichever they want, I guess I just like to understand human behavior and to me I can’t see a reason to not be as protected as possible. Maybe I can get some insight here….