Flash2Pass Motorcycle Garage Door Openers

Flash your headlights to open your garage door!

Flash2Pass Garage Door Opener
No more fumbling for your garage door opener while pulling up on your bikeFlash2Pass

A new Charlottesville company, Flash to Open LLC, announces the re-introduction into the marketplace of the popular Flash2Pass ™ headlight activated garage door opener, now with improved performance and an enhanced customer focused experience.

Originally introduced to the motorcycle community as a safe and convenient alternative to the traditional garage door opener, the new version of this patented product is made in the U.S.A. and reflects 25+ years invested in research, development and refinement. The new Flash2Pass™ system installs easily on most motorcycles and garage door openers, has an extended range over the original product, and boasts “gold connections” for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Flash2Pass is a great way to add a garage door opener to your bike without adding an extra button to your motorcycle's handlebarsFlash2Go

Now, any motorcyclist can easily open and close his or her garage door with a simple flash of the high beams; no more fumbling for the garage door opener in the driveway. With thousands of satisfied customers already using the original Flash2Pass product, the company is confident the new and improved version will be an instant hit with those who wish to “leave the opener behind” and experience the freedom of the Flash2Pass system.

More information is available at www.flashtoopen.com or by calling 800-401- 5584.