Ellmet Button Motorcycle Helmet Snaps

Custom buttons for your motorcycle helmet's visor snaps

Walking through Moto Expo in Verona, Italy last year, I came across the Ellmet Buttons in El Solitario's booth and my reaction was exactly what it says on their website:

"Genius! How did I not think of this?!"

The guys from EllSilver were sitting around with a little skill that was destined to be made into a ring when on had the idea to put it on the helmet snap, thus Ellmet Buttons was born. Perfectly simple but totally unique, they are a great little accessory or a perfect gift this holiday season. I sent one out to each of my buddies that ride vintage/ open-face helmets with snaps and they all loved them.

They do custom orders if you want to design your own, or pick from one of their designs for €9.

Check out EllmetButtons.com for more details

Ellmet Buttons Helmet Snaps
Skull Ellmet Buttons are available for 9 Euro on their site EllmetButtons.comEllmet Buttons