Dunlop Unveils Elite 4 Tire

New cruiser tire from Dunlop USA

Dunlop Elite 4
Dunlop Elite 4 tires are built for mileage and performanceDunlop

There are only three things you really need to know about the all-new Dunlop Elite 4: mileage, mileage, and more mileage.

Featuring Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread rear tire technology, the Elite 4 (E4) is offered in a broad size range that fits a huge variety of new and existing motorcycle models. In many cases, riders will be able to fit E4s to their machines, and double the mileage compared to the single-compound tires they previously had to choose from.

Available in both bias and radial construction to fit different motorcycles, the Elite 4’s MT technology in the rear tire uses a tough, long-wearing compound in the center of the tire for longer tread life, and special lateral compounds along the outside edges of the tread for cornering grip. Unique to Dunlop in the cruiser and touring tire market, Multi-Tread gives riders the best of both worlds: outstanding mileage and handling.

The E4 also features a completely new tread pattern with multiple advantages. First, it offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions—especially important for riders who don’t let a little downpour stop them. Second, the tread is designed to provide even wear from center to shoulder for consistent handling as the miles add up. And third, both front and rear patterns were designed to limit road noise for a quieter ride.

Included in the E4’s broad size range are tires for Honda Gold Wings. Gold Wing riders will note that engineers targeted specific goals for the E4 in GL1800 sizes. As a result, the front tire is designed to wear more evenly over time, increasing usable tire life, while the rear tire boosts mileage by five percent over Dunlop’s E3 Multi-Tread tire and is significantly quieter.

With the all-new Elite 4, you could cross the country six times before needing to replace your tires

The E4 development took a different path than previous Dunlop street tires. Rather than focus on developing a tire solely for new machines, Dunlop used registration data to target the most popular models on the road today, and then engineered a tire that works across a very broad cross-section of motorcycles.

As a result, owners of older motorcycles can now enjoy tires with Dunlop’s latest technology, including Multi-Tread. Think about that. Tires can have a transformative effect on a motorcycle. Older bikes might well be rolling on older tire technology with less braking and cornering grip, and less compliance than modern tires. The E4 gives new life to older bikes by taking all those evolutionary advancements to the next level with better mileage, more wet and dry grip, less road noise and improved ride compliance, a huge benefit for both older and new machines.

Dunlop Elite 4
Dunlop Elite 4 touring/ cruiser tireDunlop

Testing and Production
The Elite 4 was designed and engineered at Dunlop's Buffalo, New York, headquarters and extensively tested on the road and at the Dunlop Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Alabama—the only motorcycle-dedicated testing facility of its kind in the U.S. Like most of Dunlop's street tires that target American riders, the E4 is also manufactured in Dunlop's Buffalo plant.

Of the core competencies targeted by the design team, high mileage and balance were key elements. Easy to steer and turn, with excellent straight-line, braking and cornering stability in dry and wet conditions, the E4 sets a new standard for mileage and versatility in the Dunlop product line.

While Multi-Tread technology forms the central advantage of the E4, other technologies round out the package. Dunlop’s continuously wound hexagonal bead construction—originally developed for Dunlop’s racing tires—stiffens the lower sidewall and supplies the rider with superior feel when cornering, as well as enhancing overall ride quality.

The most visible advantage of the E4 is the new tread pattern. Aggressive in appearance, the pattern is an outgrowth of Dunlop’s famous cosecant-curve design first introduced in its DOT race tires, then carried into its Sportmax family of performance tires. This new pattern features significant land area and long tread grooves that put more rubber on the ground for greater dry grip and mileage. These long grooves help evacuate water, contributing to greatly enhanced wet-weather performance as well. The new pattern also includes innovative tread depth indicators incorporated into the design of the pattern that disappear when the tread depth reaches 1/32-inch of remaining tread—the legal limit—proving riders with a clear visual indication that it’s time to replace the tire.