Dixxon Flannel Co.

Gearing up for the Fall

Dixxon Flannels
Dixxon Flannels are comfortable and high-quality.Dixxon Flannel Co.

The Dixxon Flannel Company dudes sent us a handful of flannels to try out and we have to say they're some of the best we've worn to date. There are tons of great colorways to choose from, like the ones in our gallery here.

Dixxon Flannels
We're digging Dixxon's black and yellow colorway.Dixxon Flannel Co.

Sure, Pendleton’s are great, but they’re pretty damn pricey from the get. Dixxon’s Flannels are not only affordable ($49.99), but they’re made from Dixxon's Signature DTECH Material, which is a special poly blend fabric made to be breathable when the temps jump up, yet durable as a blanky for when you and your lady want to get freaky-deeky in the hay. DTECH brings the comfort of ultra soft to the touch flannel material that minimizes shrinking, wrinkling, and never needs ironing or dry cleaning. So far to date, we’ve logged a lot of miles–and hayrides–and can report the flannels haven’t faded, they’ve kept their shape, and get even more comfortable from the abuse we throw at ‘em.

Dixxon Flannels
The green/black/grey Dixxon Flannel is one of our favorites.DIxxon Flannel Co.

Dubbed as the “The stepchildren of a lost generation. Fueled by all things fast, with an addiction to adrenaline. We are the creators of the underground, escaping our civilization of forcefed media. We covet what is bold, true, and real. For the builders by builders. For the fast and the reckless by the fastest and the absolute reckless. For the working class by the working class. Wrench, ride, skate, check the waves, stage dives and circle pits... Dixxon is right there with you. We are the people for the people.” –Dixxon Flannel Co.”

Dixxon Flannels
Another goodie from Dixxon Flannel Co.Dixxon Flannel Co.

Basically, these dudes are pretty out there and aim to please you freaks, biker geeks, and sheiks (the best we could do…). And we like that kind of thinking around here.

DIxxon Flannels
Red and black is always a classic, especially from Dixxon Flannel Company.Dixxon Flannel Co.