Can You Handlebar? Beard and Mustache Oils

Beard and mustache grooming is not just for hipsters anymore

CanYouHandlebar Beard and Mustache products

Let's be real. When you hear the term beard and mustache oil, it is most likely to bring up an image of some hyper-hipster on a big-wheel bicycle twirling his mustache and talking about the craft kombucha his vegan girlfriend is making. I am happy to tell you that this does not have to be the case.

Wisdom Beard Oil from CanYouHandlebar

As motorcyclists, our facial hair is often the first line of defense, catching bugs, road grime, dirt and lord knows what else. Or if you're in a full face helmet, your beard is jammed right up under your nose, making any sort of odor incredibly obvious. Enter Can You Handlebar beard and mustache oils. Rubbing a little oil into your beard not only rejuvenates the hair and keeps the skin below healthy, but it also carries a great scent that can fill your helmet and make your morning ride that much more enjoyable.

Packages in glass bottles or metal flasks, these oils are ready to hit the road with you. And using earthy, natural, wood and citrus based scents, you won't smell like you just walked out of a department store.

Mustache waxes are available as well in the same scents or unscented and are perfect for taming those wily whiskers. Can You Handlebar products make great gifts and are available on their website