Busch & Busch Handmade Brass Key Hooks

Necessary Gear for your Christmas dough!

Busch & Busch
Busch & Busch Key Hooks come in four different finishes.Morgan Gales

Busch & Busch is comprised of two brothers that embody the type of honest American craftsmanship that we love supporting. Daniel and Lance work their butts off to produce awesome handmade goods at a fair price, and these handmade brass keyhooks are simple and efficient way to keep your keys where they're supposed to be–hell, you can even use them to pop a bottle cap! They quickly hook onto your belt loop, and do a great job at not coming off until you want them to. Priced at only $20-$25 depending on which of the four finishes you prefer, this nifty little accessory will last a lifetime.