BMW Releases 50th Anniversary R nineT /5.

The limited-edition boxer celebrates the slash 5 series.

BMW R nineT /5 on white background.
BMW rolls out yet another way-back machine with its newest retro model, the R nineT /5, which channels the classic series from the 1970s.BMW Motorrad

BMW has rolled out the new R nineT /5, an exclusive model to mark the 50th anniversary of the /5 series as well as 50 years of BMW Motorrad production in Berlin. The nineT /5 proudly carries the retro touches of the 1960s and '70s and repackages them onto the modern base of the R nineT platform, bringing nostalgic charm in a contemporary form.

BMW R nineT /5 in alley.
With spoke wheels, knee pads, fork gaiters, and a modern 1,170cc boxer engine, the latest /5 serves up a tasty mix of old-school styling, elaborate finishes, and modern elements.BMW Motorrad

Mining the past to create new products for the present is a concept as old as, well, the motorcycle industry itself. And why not? Retro-flavored models require little up-front R&D and sell well. BMW has racked up some big-time success with its five-model-strong R nineT series, which channels classic air-cooled boxer architecture but backs it up with modern-day technology. With the addition of the new R nineT /5 model, the series now balloons to six bikes, each offering a distinctly different flavor but all sharing the same basic underpinnings. The R nineT /5 takes that formula to the extreme, with hordes of classic cues straight out of the ’60s and ’70s, which was the heyday of the /5 bikes. I remember wobbling around on an R 60/5 back in the early ’90s and let me tell you it didn’t look (or work, presumably) nearly as well as this model does.

BMW R nineT /5 air-cooled, two-cylinder boxer engine.
The familiar longitudinally mounted, air-cooled, two-cylinder boxer is finished in Aluminum Silver for a contrast effect with the black frame. The claimed output is still 110 hp at 7,750 rpm.BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad moved its motorcycle operations to Berlin in 1969, which also marked the start of a new bike series for BMW, and the /5 models R 50/5, R 60/5, and R 75/5 got the ball rolling. With a completely new chassis and engine along with an up-to-date design, the /5 models were an instant success, hooking customers with a combination of riding dynamics and all-day comfort. As with the other BMW Heritage models, there's a mix of old and new on the newest /5, with the design objective being a stylish translation of the legendary /5 look to the present day. That means you’ll see a balanced blend of classic and modern motorcycle design elements and high-end materials and finishes.

The anniversary model closely mimics the slim stature of the older R nineT /5 but pours on the style, bringing in trick details like contemporary knee pads as well as an elaborate body finish in Lupine Blue metallic with a smoke effect and double striping on the steel fuel tank, which also carries anniversary badging. Chrome mirrors and exhaust manifold also reference that golden era, as does the double seat with grab straps and white piping, with classic fork gaiters to seal the deal.

BMW R nineT /5 with Lupine Blue metallic paint.
A beautiful Lupine Blue metallic paint adorns the shapely 17-liter steel tank, which also bears knee pads and double pinstripes.BMW Motorrad

But this is a modern-day R nineT too, which means an air-cooled 1.170cc boxer twin spitting out a claimed 110 hp, a universal shaft drive, and that unique steel tubular space frame in a modular structure, made up of three components: a main front section, a rear section with integrated end piece, and a passenger frame. Because you can remove the passenger frame, the R nineT /5 practically begs you to change the look and character of the boxer to your personal whim. It also means you get a classic 43mm telescopic fork (with gaiters, of course) and a Paralever single-sided swingarm with a central spring strut for suspension and damping. Continuing the retro theme are a pair of 17-inch wire-spoke wheels, shod with 120/70ZR-17 rubber up front and 180/55ZR-17 for the back. But the new /5 obliges with modern components too, like dual 320mm brake discs with four-piston brake calipers and standard ABS to slow your roll. Automatic Stability Control and heated grips are also standard.

BMW R nineT /5 with logo on seat.
An embossed double seat references its predecessor with chrome decorative accents, white piping, and recessed seat area for the pilot. There’s also a solo seat accessory option.BMW Motorrad

BMW has also sweetened the deal with a plethora of new optional accessories to tack on to this new /5 for your customization preferences. You can farkle up your rig with things like a BMW alarm system, a solo Scrambler seat, headlight grille, windshield, saddlebags, mufflers, cylinder covers, and more.

BMW R nineT /5 wingarm and universal shaft drive connected to 17-inch wire-spoke rear wheel.
Retro meets modern: A Paralever single-sided swingarm and universal shaft drive are connected to the 17-inch wire-spoke rear wheel.BMW Motorrad

As a side note, by the time the /5 series was discontinued in 1973, BMW had built a total of 68,956 motorcycles in Berlin. That was also the same year the company celebrated “50 years of BMW Motorrad” with the manufacture of the 500,000th BMW motorcycle. As for this new model, there’s no word yet on availability or price, or whether this is a Euro-model only.

BMW R nineT /5 with “50 Jahre /5” emblem on the top of the fuel tank.
The anniversary intent of the R nineT /5 is spelled out with a “50 Jahre /5” emblem on the top of the fuel tank.BMW Motorrad
BMW R nineT /5 in front of wall.
Large-diameter classic headlight with steel casing stares at you from the front. The newest R nineT strikes a pretty nice balance of classic styling and modern design. Thing is, what’s the price tag?BMW Motorrad