Blacked Out Moto Goggles from Von Zipper

Beefy Goggles bridge the gap from MX to cruiser

VZ Beefy Moto Goggles
Beefy Goggles from Von Zipper - $60Staff

There aren't a lot of products that can bridge the gap from motocross to the cruiser world. They tend to like more flashy, crazy colored gear, and we usually like ours more blacked out and plain. Von Zipper has gone and made what we consider the perfect cruiser goggle.

Blacked out from top to bottom, with minimal branding and a smoked lens, the Beefy Goggles from Von Zipper fit seamlessly in every open faced helmet we've tried (and also a couple vintage full-faces). Venting around the edges keep the lens clear and keep you from overheating, but the soft foam makes sure your eyes won't be watering. The wide field of vision ensures you can see everything you need to out on the road, and the lenses are easily swapped out if you want to switch to clears for nighttime riding.

Also available with prescription lenses through SportRX.

VZ Beefy Moto Goggles
VZ Beefy Moto GogglesStaff