Bikes of Born Free 9

Gallery of some of our favorite vintage and custom bikes from the ninth annual Born Free Motorcycle Show

Some old tank-shift flat track racersStaci Wilt

Born Free is one of the biggest and most diverse custom shows in the US. This was the ninth year that builders have come from all over the world to display their vintage and custom motorcycles, and they keep upping the ante every time. While the show keeps getting bigger and bigger, the competition getting stiffer means more builders doing more to win it.

This was the first year in many that we weren't able to be there in person, but luckily our good friend Staci Wilt was there to capture the action. Excuse the lack of detail in the caption, but as most of the bikes are just parked without signage, it makes it a little tough to credit the builders for each individual bike. If you see your bike here and want your name in the caption, feel free to email

Nice looking evo Sporty with an extended forkStaci Wilt
Tight springer Panhead chop parked on the lawn at Born FreeStaci Wilt
"Freedom is a full tank,"- ain't that the truthStaci Wilt
It's easy to get a sore neck with so many wicked bikes to look atPanhead
Swingarm Shovelhead with a fuel reserve on the sissy barStaci Wilt
Shiny polished FlatheadStaci Wilt
See!? It's not all Panheads and Knuckleheads out here!Staci Wilt
With all the far out customs around, it's nice to have something closer to stock to compare them to!Staci Wilt
Nice little Sportster daily riderStaci Wilt
Lots of cool bikes in the FXR/ Dyna showStaci Wilt
Killer old school chopper trike!Staci Wilt
This bike has been to Born Free in many different forms but is always impressiveStaci Wilt
One seriously clean FXR. One of our favorite bikes from that section of the showStaci Wilt
We've got a real soft spot for Evo choppers...Staci Wilt
Gotta love seeing beautiful bikes like this Knucklehead being ridden out to the show and backStaci Wilt
Hehe... Buttwiser...Staci Wilt
Perfect cruising stance on this ShovelheadStaci Wilt
Loaded up for the long rideStaci Wilt
With an XS650 and a soarin' babe, this guy has it all figured out.Staci Wilt
This is.. uh.. not your average DynaStaci Wilt
One seriously far out chopper with an original '70s model of the bike!Staci Wilt

To see the full builder list and get more details on this year's show, check out